How to help

Helping is Beautiful Foundation is a social welfare online-based organization which aims to collect fund from all over the world to help people in need in Bangladesh. This organization aims to provide financial support to poor men, women, and children living in Bangladesh who face a sudden financial crisis due to any type of severe accident and disease, medical financing, educational financing, food, and living. It also aims to provide financial support to people with innovative ideas. Promote their ideas and create a source of income.

So Please spend a little for humanity because Helping is Beautiful!

Latest project

Recently a project named "Hollette Bahon" has been successfully accomplished at Nilphamari District, Bangladesh on 30 August 2016. Through this project HiBF has given away 10 bicycles to school going girls who are poor, cannot afford local transport and had to walk long way to reach to school.

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Disaster Relief Fund

Living with Disturbance

A disturbed childhood always brings out a psychologically disturbed human being. It seems that English poet William Blake's "The Songs of Innocence" in children gets lost and at a very early age they experience "The Songs of Experience" Help them to live a good life with your small contribution.

A life without Dignity

A street beggar who is physically vulnerable has what value of life when he rolls on the street where all people are walking on their feet! He needs a shelter where he will be taken care off.